STATUS REPORT: Mass Care and Long-Term Navigation Decisions

Facilitated Collaborative Process
between Administration and Legislative Drafting Group
for Mass Care and Long-Term Navigation Decisions
Implementation Status Update 052622

The workgroup is continuing to meet to maintain alignment and progress through
implementation of the client / community focused approach for exit from mass care that was
unanimously approved by the Mayor and Assembly in AR2021-350. The next meeting is June 1,
2022. Status updates since last report are in bold.

Mass care operations, including care at Sullivan Arena and the one remaining non-congregate
shelter in an area hotel, are targeted for closure by June 30. Support to secure alternative
housing or temporary shelter prior to the closure of Sullivan Arena will be offered to all
residents. The Administration is evaluating the need to continue some level of operations at
the non-congregate hotel site beyond June 30.

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